Trustee's Message
Some experiences in life changes the way we think and the way we aspire to work. A single incident that I experienced in the United States left a deep impression in my heart. I was greatly touched by the help that I got from the people of USA when I was there and it inspired me to take up an initiative in India for helping the needy people. Today, Peace Charitable Public Trust stands on a platform, which at the onset looked difficult but we never thought it was impossible to carry forward our vision. We have just started and there is much more to be achieved but we believe that we can extend our helping hand to those who are in need of it. The thrust is on serving the society as a whole with special emphasis on the poor and distressed through piety, compassion and understanding. We are also working towards imbibing moral and spiritual values and to bring about social harmony and contentment in the society.
Our Initiatives


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Give life a better chance

Along with education the importance of health is also manifold. Good health ensures victory over sickness and creates an environment of well-being within communities. India is a vast country inhabited by different communities who follow diverse languages, cultures, ethics etc. Yet unity thrives within this diversity, which makes this country truly unique.Peace Charitable Public Trust envisions health for all in the true sense, which will lead to a healthy world in the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual contexts. Read more

Mission & Vission

The Peace Charitable Public Trust is committed to its goal of improving the quality of life of the needy people by providing them primary medical care on compassionate grounds. Its social service also centers on the overall development of women and children from the lower strata of the society. To create a disease-free environment, the Trust moves closer towards its mission of ushering in a world brimming with health thereby eclipsing pain, agony and distress. Read more

Polio Camp

A polio health camp was organized by the Trust under WHO guidelines on 5th August 2007 at Shri Shyam Jhulla Mahotsav, Mahavir Vatika and Dariya Gunj in Delhi. Social workers and volunteers of the Trust guided and educated the participants on the importance of polio drops along with breast-feeding Polio drops were administered to local children of the area.
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Free Health Mela

On 18th February 2007, the Trust organized a free health mela at Kalka Public school Alaknanda where medical experts like specialist doctors and other staff catered to the medical needs of the common people. A large number of people benefited from this endeavor and they availed excellent medical facilities, free medicines etc which were provided exclusively for them. Read more