Trustee's Message
Some experiences in life changes the way we think and the way we aspire to work. A single incident that I experienced in the United States left a deep impression in my heart. I was greatly touched by the help that I got from the people of USA when I was there and it inspired me to take up an initiative in India for helping the needy people. Today, Peace Charitable Public Trust stands on a platform, which at the onset looked difficult but we never thought it was impossible to carry forward our vision. We have just started and there is much more to be achieved but we believe that we can extend our helping hand to those who are in need of it. The thrust is on serving the society as a whole with special emphasis on the poor and distressed through piety, compassion and understanding. We are also working towards imbibing moral and spiritual values and to bring about social harmony and contentment in the society.
Our Initiatives

Our Objectives

The Trust's main objective is to work towards the upliftment of the distressed poor and the downtrodden with special emphasis on serving the society as a whole.

Considering the fact that women and children have always been deprived of their basic rights and privileges since a long time, the Trust gives utmost importance to child care and all round development of rural women. Women and children have suffered immensely due to social violence and exploitation and Peace wants to bring hope and positive change in their lives through its efforts. The objective is to create a sense of well-being after years of deprivation.

The Trust understands that modern life has its share of ills in the form of stress and anxiety. To minimize these effects on human life it is promoting lifestyle management programmes with the help of yoga, naturopathy, pulse reading and other alternative therapies. On the other hand Peace envisages a harmonious society thriving on piety and compassion and where every individual imbibes higher moral and spiritual values.

The Trust firmly believes that if it is able to make all this happen then this country with its diverse population would become united and this unity will create a new era in the realm of universal brotherhood of mankind.

Associate With Us
Peach Charitable Public Trust invites individuals and organizations to join hands so that we can see the transformation
of our dreams into a reality. Your participations will be acknowledged adequately. Above of all, you will feel the pleasure
of contribution to the society. We are all part of a greater society; let us help each other so that all can witness the rays
of happiness that is waiting to enlighten our lives.